Edward Road Baptist Church derives its name from the very visible practice of believers’ baptism. Baptism involves the total immersion of a person into water in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit on their own profession of faith. As Baptists we do not baptise infants but only those who are of an age to make a clear declaration of their own free will. By means of baptism, a person declares their desire to turn from a life without God to one which is lived for God through Jesus Christ. Christian faith is not something that anybody can choose for anyone other than themselves. A person does not become a Christian because they are born in a certain country with a Christian heritage. Neither do they do so because this is what their parents or others would wish. Each person needs to be ‘born again’ on their own account (John 3:3) because they have intentionally turned from a godless life to a life in God. They have done this because they have come to believe for themselves that the Christian faith is true, that their lives are falling short of what they should be, and that Jesus Christ is the one through whom they can receive forgiveness from God and a new life in God’s Spirit. Believers’ baptism makes all of this clear and so is a challenging symbol of Christian discipleship.

If you are interested in being baptised, please read through this document or contact the Church on  to discuss it.