At Edward Road, we do not baptise infants because we believe that the decision to be a disciple of Jesus is one that can only properly be made at a later stage of spiritual development. However we do welcome children into the community by means of a special service known as ‘Infant Presentation’ or ‘the blessing of children and the dedication of parents’.

In keeping with the attitude and actions of Jesus, Edward Road Baptist Church welcomes children. It takes seriously his invitation, ‘Whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me’ (Matthew 18:5). To receive a child in his name, is to do honour to Jesus and to receive his grace through the child. It could be said that how we treat children is a sign of our true devotion to Jesus.

The sign of our devotion to Jesus isn’t only seen through the way we welcome children to our community or even in how we nurture them but it is best seen in the way we think of them. At Edward Road children aren’t considered less important than adults but as equally valuable. They are partners with adults in the life of the church, they are welcomed to participate according to their growing faith in our worship, learning, fellowship and service and even in our evangelism. If you would like to find out more about how we welcome children at Edward Road, please read this document and contact should you require any more information.