Church Families Ministry Pastor or Leader 

As a leadership, we have greatly valued the prayers and engagement of all members with the process to appoint a new Families Ministry Pastor or Leader, especially from those who are directly impacted by the Families Ministry.

At the AGM the church approved an advert for this post along with the profile of the position and empowered an appointment committee to search for a candidate to put before the church. We then held a highly successful, inclusive, all–age afternoon of prayer, in which we listened to God’s guidance and shared what we heard together.

Since then, we have advertised both in our Church as well as more widely in the Christian press, Bible Colleges, mission organisations and through local contacts. We shortlisted and interviewed several candidates and we are now delighted to announce that we have chosen a candidate, Mariane Markwart, that we can bring before the church members.

On Sunday 30th July, Mariane “preached with a view” at Edward Road. After the service, the congregation had the opportunity to ask her questions. Both the service and the interview were videoed and copies can be viewed below. After the service the congregation had an opportunity to chat with Mariane informally over a bring-and-share lunch.

The appointment committee and the elders believe that God is calling Mariane to this position, however, it is vital that the church now prayerfully seeks God about this before they discuss the issue and vote on whether or not to appoint Mariane at a special members meeting. The special members meeting will be held on the 6th August at 12:30pm. If you are a church member but are unable to attend, you can still cast a vote by “postal ballot” or electronically via WhatsApp (please email the Appointment Committee). We urge all our members to pray and fast, if they are able to, asking God for guidance.


A short talk about Mariane's life

A sermon about "The Women at the Well"

Question and answer session